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H20 House

Himachal Pradesh

Live to rhythmic sound of water in a 100 years old nature stay.

from INR 249 per night
Mystic Village

Himachal Pradesh

A mystical escape for the wanderer in me.

from INR 700 per night
Innovation House


A desert experience like no other

from INR 600 per night

A small brook by the forest where you can connect to the divine nature.

Rong Lyang


This homestay is perfect as it seems as though the home is being coddled by the surrounding wildlife.

from INR 500 per night
Siya Place of Peace

Himachal Pradesh

A homestay in the middle of natures marvel

from INR 1000 per night
Ekant Niwas

Your best bet to having a home away from home.

from INR 800 per night
1870 Heritage House

Himachal Pradesh

A serene homestay at the foothills of Dharamshala for the escapist in you.

from INR 3000 per night
Kunnath Kalam


Sitting snugly in the forested area, this homestay is an observer’s haven. The marsh tall trees stand firm on the ground allowing the bright sunligh.. Read more

Loksummo Homestay


The stay is around a natural reserve of the Lepcha people in Dzongu. It falls entirely in the Kanchenjunga biosphere reserve with the far fringes in t.. Read more

Kalimpong Village Resort

West Bengal

Enjoy a mesmerising view and ambience of the Darjeeling hills, sans the over-concentrated tourism and crowd.

Kathar Homestay


The people here lead a self-sustained lifestyle. The place has a motor-able road that crosses over the top of Teesta river dam.

The Lost Escape

Himachal Pradesh

A perfect getaway to get lost in order to find yourself

from INR 1800 per night