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Development Alternatives

Development Alternatives is an internationally acclaimed expert on grassroots innovation and are also the recipient of Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian awards in India.DA is involved with generating an alternative source of livelihood for rural communities.

NotonMap has been involved with DA in this vertical and we are together generating an alternative livelihood through travel and tourism.

We are promoting livelihood generation through agriculture, craft preservation, vocational training, etc.  We are working on 2 projects with Development Alternatives.

One is craft preservation in an artist village in Madhya Pradesh where we are trying to generate a livelihood through the native art and craft of the village. We are doing this by creating an opportunity for travellers to come here and interact with them directly. 

We are also working with some homestays in north India. Here we are building a sustainable ecosystem by incorporating travellers from the outside world with the hosts in the village who are the natives here and creating Self Help Groups in the village so the whole village can benefit from it.

The whole village is now a part of the responsible travel initiative.