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The Village of Lum

Lum village is located in the Lower Dzongu region in North Sikkim.The region of Dzongu is a declared reserve of ‘The Lepcha Tribe’.

About Lum Village-

Lum village is located in the Lower Dzongu region in North Sikkim. It is 50 km away from the bustling town of Gangtok and is a completely secluded destination. The region of Dzongu is a declared reserve of ‘The Lepcha Tribe’. One needs special permission to enter here because of its reserved status. 

Before NotonMap-

  • Lum village in the past has been very active in the initiatives like ‘Shodhyatra’ and ‘Organic Fair’. Lum village was on the route of the 34th Shodhyatra organized by Sristi foundations, one of our collaborators.
  • After the huge success of Shodhyatra of hosting a group of people in the village and sharing the knowledge; the former Pradhan of the village Tsering Lepcha grew an interest in making his village more sustainable in the travel industry by establishing stays on a village level. 
  • Sristi Organization approached NotOnMap to guide and educate them to become entrepreneurs in the travel vertical. 



After NotonMap-

After interacting with Lum people, one thing was very evident that these people wanted to be something in the field of Tourism as most of the state is. The kind of dedication and efforts put forth by Lum people were incredible. There was only one aspect they were lacking; confidence in being an entrepreneur. NotOnMap team tried to show them the right path and boost the confidence that they can run homestays successfully by themselves.

  • We worked from the grassroots level, introduced our ideas and guided them to redesign their rooms so it suits tourist requirements. 
  • We encouraged them for locally procured material, mainly bamboo because that was abundantly available. Execution of the design work had been done by them as per the guidelines we gave them. 
  • A lot of sustainable measure like cleanliness drive, dustbin installations, plantation by the road, opening up the cafe and library, starting a small organic shop in the hot spot of the village, installing benches etc. were shared. 


NotOnMap proudly on-boarded 9 homestays from this village which are mainly run by the women of the family. Through our combined efforts and intervention around 300 people will be benefited from this NotOnMap Community village by creating employment opportunities within the village for the youth taking steps towards self-sustainability. 

Since the COVID19 pandemic grew, we have been guiding them to sustain themselves by selling local produce and maintaining revenue generation with the NotOnMart initiative.